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our story

our story

Our Story


Welcome to Madeira Optical

We are so fortunate to practice in a special place. We’re on a singular mission to help our community thrive by offering quality eye care services that you can trust. We’re committed to empowering you to take your eye care into your own hands with guidance from our team of eye care experts. With a 65-year history of being an independent practice, we pride ourselves on being deeply ingrained in our communities. For this reason, our optometrists are dedicated to providing local family eye care with a personal touch.

Rooted in our Community

Located in the beautiful Cincinnati suburb of Madeira, our Optometry practice was originally founded in 1956 by Larry Spitz who envisioned Madeira Optical as an independent, community-based, and doctor-run practice. Staying true to this vision, Dr. Spitz rejected several larger buyouts and hand-selected Dr. Malinda Pence to succeed him in 2002 due to her commitment to keeping the practice in Madeira with an independent patient-focused mission. At just 29 years old, after being turned down by banks who didn’t understand the power of Madeira’s supportive community, Dr. Pence took out a second mortgage on her house and worked tirelessly to restore the practice to its former glory. Utilizing her degree from the Ohio State University School of Optometry, she placed great emphasis on ensuring that our eye care clinic and opticl was rooted in Madeira community values and was focused on serving the people that are at the heart of Madeira and neighboring towns. Two decades and many private equity offers later, this philosophy is stronger than ever and we are honored that our practice remains an essential part of the fabric that makes up our local communities.

Choosing Independence

We love nothing more than a good story. Our boutique optical shop offers a wide range of local and global brands with stories that are just as unique as your own. From niche brands and renowned international names to emerging, proudly American-made brands, we have eyewear to suit every lifestyle and personality. We also bring in new and exciting discovery brands whose thought-leading, beautiful eyewear has allowed us to offer frames with a sense of timeless style, originality, and adventure to our patients.

Our Commitment to You

At Madeira Optical, we view eye care as an integral part of our overall health and wellness. As community members who live and work in Madeira, and as parents who have children at Madeira schools, we’re deeply invested in helping our local communities to achieve optimal health and wellness. Madeira is full of busy professionals and active people who, like us, enjoy activities like golf, tennis, hiking, biking, kayaking, and spending time outdoors with family. Whether you want to improve your visual comfort when you are staring at spreadsheets or see the golf green just a little clearer than your competition, we are committed to helping you see and feel better.

Building on a Solid Foundation

We’ve built our practice on an enduring set of guiding principles, which continue to permeate everything we do:

Independent: Our practice is uniquely tailored to serve our community and our loyalty is to the patients we serve. We are free to seek the best care, select the top treatments and provide the leading contact lenses and eyewear, unconstrained by corporate dictates and sameness.

Patient-focused: Family eye care is the primary purpose of our medical practice. Our doctors and specialists treat a broad range of eye diseases, pediatric eye care, myopia management, and dry eye. From state-of-the-art digital retinal imaging to corrective lenses that improve visual acuity and comfort, our mission is to bring together a comprehensive approach to manage your eye health and wellness.

​​​​​​​Community: We are committed to local, multigenerational family eye care. We seek to build long-term relationships with our patients and to support the communities we serve through medical missions, local school programs, volunteering, and donating to the communities that support us with such kindness.

If you’re looking for an independent eye care center with a local difference, Madeira Optical is the trusted choice for people of all ages. Your eyes are so important and we are honored to help you see your best. Reach out to our team to schedule your appointment today. We are excited to have you join Madeira Optical!

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