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Skip the Kenwood traffic and mall doctors. Madeira Optical is an eye doctor owned and independent eye care clinic and optical founded in 1956 that is six minutes from Kenwood Mall, but miles better than corporate chains.

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Stand out from the Kenwood Mall crowd. Global and local brands with a focus on sustainable eyewear and discovery brands.



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We offer the convenience of the Kenwood area and the quality of local and independent eye care. Many independents are disappearing, but we are stronger than ever. If you are a former patient of retired Kenwood area providers like Dr. Susan Szmyd or Dr. Robert Benza and wish to see a local primary eye care practice, we can help you easily transfer your records to our independent clinic if that is appropriate for you. Apex Eye moved out of Madeira and local strip mall chains Wing Eyecare and Thoma & Sutton were purchased by national corporations, MyEyeDr and Clarkson Eyecare respectively. If you prefer to join a local doctor-owned practice for your eye care needs, we will help you transition your records to our practice. We hope you find the best eye care for you and your family regardless of who you see. See well Cincinnati!

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