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Our Optometrists are on a singular mission to help Cincinnati thrive by offering quality eye care services that you can trust. We’re committed to empowering you to take your eye health into your own hands with guidance from our team of eye care experts. With a 65-year history of being an independent practice, we pride ourselves on being deeply ingrained in our nearby communities. For this reason, our Cincinnati optometrists are dedicated to providing local family eye care with a personal touc. Independent Optometrists Provide Convenient and Secure Online Appointment Scheduling, Intake Forms, Patient Portal and more.

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We are quietly easy to get to on Miami Road. Find us from nearby Camargo, Kenwood, Loveland Madeira, Montgomery, Shawnee Run Roads and I-71.

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Stand out from the Kenwood Mall crowd. Global and local brands with a focus on sustainable eyewear and discovery brands.



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Streamlined Online Intake Forms

After you book online, you will receive those required, but frustrating, intake forms in a secure and easy-to-use online format. New patients will be able to snap photos of medical cards on their phone or tablet and provide all information at your convenience before your appointment. Returning patients get a great benefit, all previous answers are pre-populated, so you only need to update any changed fields and sign!

Online Patient Portal

Getting health care information can be difficult. At Madeira Optical we have a patient portal to help you securely access all of your records from anywhere at any time.View or download your current spectacle and contact lens prescription.

  • Check the status of glasses and contact lens orders

  • Update key information such as new phone numbers, email, addresses and more

  • View, transmit or download parts of your medical record

  • Request appointments online via your portal any time of day

  • View past and current billing statements and print receipts

  • Confirm your appointment as well as viewing upcoming appointments

  • Send secure messages to your Doctor’s office

  • Note: We send pre-populated intake forms to confirm prior to your next appointment

Automated Insurance & Vision Plan Verification

Booking an exam online is only the beginning to a successful eye exam. Insurance verification is a challenge for patients. When you provide your vision and medical cards prior to your eye exam, we will search the most popular plans and verify coverage on your behalf prior to your exam through state-of-the art software that helps us search through many of the top insurance websites and plans more efficiently. We sometimes find coverage you may not even know you have. We also send a friendly reminder if your coverage is about to expire unused.

Some plans do not participate in our verification database. Data issues and incomplete information from insurers prevent us from confirming all coverage. Insurance providers pay on your behalf and per your contract with your insurer, you are always responsible for all balances, so please familiarize yourself with your plan.

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