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covid 19 update

covid 19 update

covid 19 update


Subject to change as we navigate variants, surges and updated guidance for the COVID virus. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unusual times.

UPDATE 9/23/2022: The CDC No longer recommends masks for health care providers when patients are not presenting symptoms and in areas where infection is not high. We do not see patients who are presenting symptoms. Patients are welcome to mask and request staff masking. Our commitment is patient and staff safety and well-being. We continue to maintain protocols like HEPA filtration, sterilization, and protocols and notifications to reschedule patients who have recent covid exposure and/or presenting symptoms.

The CDC today released updates to three guidance documents now available on its website. These updates have been made to reflect the high levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools.

The key changes outlined in the guidance for COVID-19 infection prevention and control update include:

  • Vaccination status no longer is used to inform source control, screening testing, or post-exposure (e.g., work restriction, quarantine) recommendations.

The following are changes to Source Control:

  • When community transmission levels are high, source control is recommended for everyone in areas where they could encounter patients. Health care personnel could choose not to wear source control when in areas restricted from patient access (if Community Levels aren’t also high and don’t meet criteria below).
  • When community transmission levels are not high, source control is recommended for individuals who:
    • Have suspected or confirmed respiratory infection.
    • Had close contact with someone with COVID-19 for 10 days after contact.
    • Reside or work in an area of the facility experiencing COVID-19 outbreak.
    • Have otherwise had source control recommended by public health.
  • Even if not otherwise required by the facility, individuals should always be allowed to wear source control based on personal preference.

The following are changes to Universal PPE:

  • Consider implementing PPE when Community Transmission levels are high.
    • N95 in select situations (e.g., aerosol-generating procedures such as nebulizer treatments).
    • Eye protection during patient care encounters.
UPDATE: 2021

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these unusual times. In June of 2021 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine removed all emergency health orders for Ohio citizens and all Ohioans have easy access to free vaccinations if they choose them. Other government agencies like OSHA continue to provide guidance on COVID protocols. Vaccinated citizens and those who have recovered from Covid-19 and have confirmed antibodies appear to have sufficient protection for themselves and others. Vaccinated patients may continue to social distance and wear masks at their discretion. COVID protocols and warnings are posted outside and inside our clinic. We ask that unvaccinated pateints to follow CDC and OSHA guidance posted at our clinic and any patient with COVID-like symtoms reschedule. Patients with any potential COVID-like symtoms will be asked to immediately leave the clinic as a precaution for the safety of other patients. Appropriate arrangements will be made for emergency eye care needs.

Patient & staff safety is our top priority. It is important that every patient feel safe and comfortable. When you wear a mask, we wear a mask. We must balance providing necessary eye care with strong COVID precautions. As a medically-focused full spectrum eye care clinic, our cleaning protocols pre-date COVID and we have been at the forefront of strict COVID protocols that allow us to continue to safety provide critical eye care to our community in a safe environment. Our doctors are vaccinated to help protect patients and we continue to follow strict health protocols, cleaning, and mask-wearing during exams.

Our goal is protection for patients who need it and choice for those who do not. We will continue to provide digital intake forms and provide curbside delivery and in-car waiting options. If you need special accommodations, we are happy to provide those. Please indicate your needs when you request an appointment.

Based on medical data and government guidance, vaccinated people and those who have recovered from Coivd-19 and have antibodies have sufficient protection for themselves and others and are no longer required to wear masks, including in our office. Patients without antibodies or vaccination protectionshould wear masks and social distance or choose vaccination prior to visiting our office until we have updated protocols.

Telehealth visits by eye doctors may be available for some treatment and self-quarantine patients.​

Please call our office with questions. We will actively monitor conditions, act proactively to protect patients and staff and adjust as appropriate.

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