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cincinnati sunglasses

cincinnati sunglasses

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​​​​​​​Cincinnati's Best Prescription & Polarized Sunglasses

American Optical

American Optical

Founded in 1833, American Optical is an iconic American-made sunglass collection. Worn by the first astronauts, John F. Kennedy and Tom Cruise, the American Optical sunglass collection is timeless American style.

There’s a reason some things never go out of style. Marrying form, function, and quality, AO sunglass styles like Original Pilot and Saratoga have the power to last through the decades. It’s not about fads, it’s about creating designs that become an integral part of your look.

Madeira Optical is an authorized American Optical retailer. Authentic American Optical sunglass lenses are available at ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Madeira Optical.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim

Maui Jim Sunglasses are renowned for classic performance with styles that combine PolarizedPlus™ Technology with optically correct, distortion free hardened glass lenses. Maui Jim Sunglasses frames are fitted with the finest polarized lenses available and come in a range of sporting and lifestyle styles. Aloha. ​​​​​​​

Madeira Optical is an authorized Maui Jim retailer. We can order Authentic Maui Jim readers, bifocals and progressive sunglass lenses directly from Maui Jim and sent to our Cincinnati Optometrist's office.



Like the jaded, once-aspiring talents of the silver screen, optical endeavors in the sun-drenched state of California can often seem just as prevalent, and nearly as tired. But independently-owned RAEN Optics, based out of Encinitas, has sought to change that, and bring the timeless warmth and romanticism of 'life on the 101' back to sunglasses. More than just another new twist on an old face, RAEN is a fresh affirmation of life and style, paying its respects to the classical optical aficionado.

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