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Childrens Eyewear

Childrens Eyewear

Children's Eyeglasses & Sports Glasses

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Uncompromising clarity shouldn’t have to compromise your budget. Proper Optics crafts glasses with modern styles to bring you eyewear with an awesome value to price. Perfect for a second or budget pair. We recommend a professional fit & dispense in our optical or SHOP ONLINE.

​​​​​​​Special Considerations with Kid's Glasses

Sports Eyewear

According to a Prevent Blindness America study in 2001, more than 38,000 people experienced a sports-related eye injury and needed some kind of medical treatment. Most of those injuries occurred in children ranging in age from 5 to 14. School-age boys and girls are particularly prone to injuries since their hand-eye coordination; balance, reaction time, and speed are still being developed. Regardless of age, 90 percent of sports-related injuries could be prevented if an athlete simply wore protective sports eyewear. Many children participate in organized sports like t-ball, baseball, softball, soccer or lacrosse.

Dress eyewear is good for normal everyday use, but is not intended for tough treatment found in sporting activities. Many people believe that a frame is safe for sports if it has polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. With dress frames, the lens might pop out of the frame and into the eye on impact, or the frame itself might break and cause injury. We recommend ASTM approved sport eyewear for any adults or children that play sports. ASTM F803 is a standard that judges eyewear for specific activities. Parents can set a good example by using safety glasses when working with power tools such as saws or weed trimmers. Plano safety eyewear is inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store.

Eyewear Maintenance 101 for Children

Proper eyewear maintenance is one way to extend the life and performance of glasses. It is important to demonstrate to children the proper way to put on and remove eyeglasses with both hands. It is also important to show boys and girls how not to lay the glasses on a table with the lenses facing down. We demonstrate how to properly place the glasses in a case, and we recommend keeping the case closed and always nearby. Finally, we show how to properly wash the lenses to remove dust and dirt before they are wiped dry.

Prescription Updates

Kid’s prescriptions often change more than adults and kids need their glasses. Our inhouse lens lab has a frame tracer and lens finisher. This allows us to quickly create new lenses for children, sometimes within the same day or 24 hours depending on the prescriptions and coatings selected.

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