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Why Is My Child’s Myopia Worsening?

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is a common vision disorder. However, it can progress from blurry vision to more serious eye conditions that can threaten your sight. This condition usually develops at an early age, when the eye grows too long from front to back.

This condition can harm eyesight. It can make it difficult for your child to see distant objects and images. However, myopia is correctable using contact lenses or eyeglasses. But in some cases, your child’s eye condition might worsen for several reasons.

Causes of Worsening Myopia in Kids

The main reason myopia worsens is because of an increase in the axial length. This happens due to several factors, such as:

Natural Growth of the Eye

As your child grows, their myopia can progress due to changes in the shape of their eyes. This problem can worsen through their teenage years, leveling down when they are about 20. This is because the human eye tends to stop growing around that age.

Wearing Eyeglasses Constantly

If your little one wears eyeglasses all the time, it could lead to the progression of nearsightedness. This is especially true for kids with low myopia. They do not need to wear eyeglasses for near vision tasks like reading or doing their homework.

But during activities such as playing sports, reading the blackboard, or watching TV, eyeglasses can be helpful. However, this does not apply to kids with moderate to high myopia. This is because they need to wear eyeglasses most of the time.

Inadequate Outdoor Time

Research shows that kids who spend a lot of time indoors are at a higher risk of experiencing myopia progression. This is especially true if they spend less than one to two hours outdoors each day. If your child is nearsighted, you should encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

Outdoor playtime gives the muscles in their eyes an opportunity to relax from most activities that require continual focusing.

Lengthy Near Vision Activities

Experts believe that if your child spends too much time on near vision activities, it could worsen their myopia. Such activities include using computers, smartphones, reading, and writing.

Spending Too Much Time Using Digital Devices

Extensive use of digital gadgets may worsen your child’s myopia. This is one of the main reasons why myopia is on the rise today. Nowadays, kids spend too much time staring at tablets, computers, TVs, smartphones, and digital screens. This can lead to eyestrain, which can worsen the symptoms of myopia.


Eye specialists believe that if you and your spouse are both myopic, the likelihood of your child developing nearsightedness is quite high. Furthermore, chances are quite high that the condition will worsen unless you take the necessary steps to address the situation.

Bottom Line

To prevent the progression of myopia in your little ones, encourage them to spend more time outdoors and limit their use of digital devices. The World Health Organization recommends a period of about one to two hours every day. Most importantly, you need to understand the importance of pediatric eye examinations in protecting your child’s vision and eye health.

For more information about myopia progression in kids, visit Madeira Optical at our office in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can call (513) 561-7076 today to schedule an appointment.

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