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How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Child

If you are a parent, then this is not just about getting durable glasses that fit. It is also about figuring out what your child is willing to wear. Nowadays, children’s glasses are stylish, comfortable, and durable. So, what are some of the things to consider when choosing glasses for your children?


Include Your Child


This might be the most vital part of choosing the right glasses for them. This will give them a sense of ownership. If they like how they look and feel, they are most likely to wear them. They will also take good care of their glasses.


Sports Glasses


Children are particularly prone to injuries. This is because their hand-eye coordination, balance, and reaction time are still developing. At Madeira Optical, we recommend ASTM-approved eyewear. This is good for both adults and children. 


Dress wear is good for normal use, but sports glasses are better at minimizing injury. Dress wear glasses tend to slip and slide during strong activity. This can lead to lenses popping or broken frames. This can injure your child. Parents can also set a good example by using protective wear when using power tools.


Ensure the Bridge Fits

Children’s noses are small, so sometimes the frames do not fit. However, manufacturers recognize this. They make frame bridges small to fit children’s small noses. Ensure there are no gaps between the frames and the nose. Also, ensure that they do not pinch. 

Metal frames have adjustable nose pads, so they are easy to fit. Also, check the weight of the frames. If frames are heavy, they will keep sliding down your child’s nose. 


Check the Temple Style

As you do with the bridge, look for frames that wrap at the back of the ears. This prevents the glasses from sliding down and falling from their small faces. Also, look for spring hinges that allow the frames to extend outwards without breaking. They also prevent damage in case the child sleeps with their glasses on.


Get a Backup Pair

Children can be brutal in their glasses, so it is wise to buy a second pair. This comes in handy, especially if your child has a strong prescription. They do not have to go through their day with blurry vision.

As you buy your second pair, ask your optician to give you a discount. They often will give you a discount if you buy it at the same time as the first.


Choose Flattering Frames

Choose frames that contrast the shape of their faces. If your child has a square face, choose round frames and vice versa. For the colors, ensure they flatter their skin tone. Warm skin tones do well with warm colors, while cool skin tones do well with cool colors.
Let your child also try on the frames so you can see how they look. Do not compromise on getting stylish glasses for your child because of your budget. 


Reduce the Glare


Children spend a lot of time watching their favorite shows on TV screens and other mobile devices. They also enjoy enhanced versions of their environments using augmented reality technologies. Such exposure to blue light for many hours a day can be dangerous to the eyes. The glare from the screens can also lead to vision clarity issues and eyestrain. 


Parents can choose glasses with an anti-reflective coating to protect their children from eye strain and other vision issues. With these, the digital content on the screens will become more visible even in daylight.


For more on choosing the right glasses for your child, contact Madeira Optical at our office in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can call (513) 561-7076 today to schedule an appointment.

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