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Capabilities to Support Child Vision

What is the best vision correction option for my child? Many parents are faced with this question. Recent advances in eye care have given parents and their doctors more and better choices to correct and manage their child’s vision. A child’s vision is critical to learning and development and below are few subjects to consider with childhood vision issues

Along with The American Optometric Association, we recommend Trivex material lenses for children because it is more visually clear than polycarbonate, highly durable and light. Due to its composition and design, Trivex lenses offers many benefits, including:

High impact resistance
This feature offers safety and minimizes the risk of injury among those who have active lifestyles. 

Lightweight comfort
Trivex has a lower density ratio than other typical plastics, making Trivex one of the lighter materials used for lenses. When the skin on the bridge of the nose is finer and more sensitive, lightweight eyewear can decrease the likelihood of irritation.  


Optical clarity
Trivex has a high Abbe value that offers clear, sharp vision. This can be more important for those whose prescription powers are stronger and who want to optimize visual clarity. 


Wider, more natural vision
Aspheric and atoric lens designs reduce unuseful magnification and found in more traditional eyewear lenses. These designs also increase the peripheral view by getting rid of distortion. 

UV protection
Lenses made from Trivex provide 100% UV protection from UV-A and UV-B radiation. 

More internal stability
Unlike most polycarbonate lenses, Trivex lenses are internally more stable. This means that such lenses have a lower chance of breaking when under pressure, like from thick frames. 

Chemical resistance
Trivex is resistant to many chemicals, including acetone. It performs better in chemical resistance than some of its other competitors.

Scratch protection
Those who want to avoid scratches on their eyewear can ask for an anti-scratch coating on this type of plastic material. See below.

Kids are on devices at home and at school. We also recommend a high-quality coating that reduces eye strain from devices and makes the lens surface much more scratch resistant than glass.

High quality anti-reflective is water and dirt repellent, and easy to clean. Grease and dirt are removed in just a few wipes, and the chance of scratches is reduced to a minimum. Even after long-term use and repeated wiping, high-quality anti-reflective keeps its excellent easy-to-clean properties.

Fingerprints and smudge resistant

Water resistant


Dirt and other residue resistant


Kids are often hard on glasses. They also have different bridges than adults. Small children also have unique challenges. Small adult frames do not always work well on a child’s face. We offer a variety of ophthalmic frames from brands that specifically design and manufacturer glasses frames for kids, including Dilli Dalli, Nano, db4k, Sperry and Champion.

Kid’s prescriptions often change more than adults and kids need their glasses. Starting in April of 2022, our in-house lens lab has a frame tracer and lens finisher. This allows us to quickly create new lenses for children, sometimes within the same day or 24 hours depending on the prescriptions and coatings selected.

Myopia Management
Myopia management is a treatment program to keep the level of myopia as low as possible - and reduce your risk of developing a serious sight-threatening eye disease. If recommended by your eye doctor, Myopia management has shown that it can decrease myopia progression by up to 78 percent. Myopia management can involve the use of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye drops— all scientifically proven to aid in the control of myopia progression.


Every child and every child’s vision is unique. Please ask your child’s eye doctor what options are right for your child. Our eye doctors work with each child and their parents to determine the best solution for your child’s vision.

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