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6 Reasons to Wear UV Protection Sunglasses

UV protection sunglasses provide a lot of benefits. Apart from looking cool and acting as a fashion statement, they are an essential part of everyday life to preserve your eye health. Read more to find reasons to wear them rain or shine 365 days a year.


Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays and Other Weather Elements

Ideally, wear your sunglasses outdoors no matter what you are doing. UV protection sunglasses make the difference between having a good time outdoors and causing harm to your eyes. They protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays and act as physical barriers to airborne debris, dust, wind, and other irritants. Such can affect your eyes, scratch your cornea, and cause severe damage.


Protection From Health Issues That Are Sun-related

Exposure to UV rays can have damaging consequences to your eye health. It can increase your risk for severe conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. If you do not protect your eyes using UV protection sunglasses, many more health problems can occur. Research shows that exposure to the sun can damage your eye surface and internal structures. As a result, it can lead to the conditions listed below:


  • Cataracts - Result in poor eyesight as they cloud your natural eye lens. 

  • Glaucoma - A group of eye conditions that occur due to optic nerve damage. It can result in blindness.

  • Abnormal eye growths - Also known as surfer's eye. They grow on your eye on its clear tissue and spread through your cornea. They are usually painful growths.

  • Macular degeneration - A severe eye condition that can cause blindness.

  • Skin cancer - Overexposure to harmful UV rays from the sun causes skin cancer. It can affect your eyelids and the skin around your eyes.


Reduces Migraines

Light sensitivity triggers migraines in people with certain eye conditions. Sensitivity to light from the sun can cause pain, reduced visibility, and debilitating migraines. Wearing UV protection sunglasses helps reduce the sun's brightness to help you live and function comfortably.


Improves Vision and Safety While You Drive

UV protection is essential whenever you are outdoors or driving. They help reduce too much brightness due to their tint and improve your vision so you can easily navigate around. They also reduce the risk of an auto accident, protecting your sight to help you see clearly.


Reduce Creasing Around Your Eyes

Everyone wants to stay and look young. The creases around your eyes from constant squinting can make you look older than your age. Most people call them the crow's feet.

Too much light will naturally cause you to squint as a reflex to protect your eyes. UV protection sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful rays and too much light that can result in a struggle to see.


Protection As Your Eyes Heal

Most corrective eye surgery patients need UV protection sunglasses to shield their eyes. Their eyesight needs to remain safe throughout their healing period as UV rays can negatively affect their recovery.

For more about UV protection sunglasses, visit Madeira Optical at our office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call (513) 561-7076 to book an appointment today.

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