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At our Eyes on Cincinnati blog, learn more about optometry and eyewear news in our blog. See our latest diagnostic equipment like our LLLT and IPL for Dry. Learn about our latest discovery glasses and sunglasses brands.

New Year Resolutions to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

With the new year almost here, this is the perfect time to pay close attention to your eye health. You should consider hitting the reset button on some of your habits and adopting new ones that promote your health. This includes your eye and vision health.

Capabilities to Support Child Vision

What is the best vision correction option for my child? Many parents are faced with this question. Recent advances in eye care have given parents and their doctors more and better choices to correct and manage their child’s vision.

Why Does My Vision Suddenly Get Blurry?

Blurry vision is the loss of clarity or sharpness of the eyesight. Objects appear hazy and out of focus. This is a condition that can affect one or both eyes. Blurry vision is usually the result of refractive errors such as myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

Why Is My Child’s Myopia Worsening?

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is a common vision disorder. However, it can progress from blurry vision to more serious eye conditions that can threaten your sight. This condition usually develops at an early age, when the eye grows too long from front to back.

How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Child

If you are a parent, then this is not just about getting durable glasses that fit. It is also about figuring out what your child is willing to wear. Nowadays, children’s glasses are stylish, comfortable, and durable. So, what are some of the things to consider when choosing glasses for your children?

Welcome Ovvo Optics

Upholding the highest standard of excellence, OVVO Optics has been creating high-performance, technologically-advanced eyewear since 1980. Made by hand at our family-owned facility in Poland, OVVO frames undergo 85 steps of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring every pair meets the rigorous demands of the modern customer. We utilize the highest grade materials then implement patented technology to create advanced innovation across all OVVO Optics collections. This passion for precision and performance is evident in the sophisticated design, optimum reliability, and lightweight comfort of every frame.

Contact Lens Options for Myopia

Once considered an annoying refractive error, myopia is emerging as a fast-growing condition that increases the chance of vision-threatening eye conditions. Cases of myopia, or nearsightedness, are on the rise. Eye doctors are finding themselves on the front line when it comes to fighting this epidemic.

Pediatric Eye Exams vs. School Vision Screenings

As a parent, you want your little one to perform well in school. One of the best ways to help your child succeed in and out of the classroom is by ensuring that their eyes are healthy, and their vision is good. Every child should have a comprehensive eye examination prior to entering Kindergarten.

How to Diagnose & Treat Chronic Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition caused by the eye's inability to produce adequate tears. Tears help lubricate the eyes; when tear production is unstable or inadequate, the result is dry eyes. There are different reasons why your eyes may fail to produce enough tears or produce poor-quality tears, which we will discuss in more detail. 

Preventing Seasonal Dry Eyes

It’s summer in Cincinnati full of hot and hazy days. Are you currently dealing with dry eye syndrome or chronic dry eyes? Dry eye is typically characterized by poor quality tears or insufficient tears. It is a serious condition and can lead to damage to the eyes or infection if left untreated.

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