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At our Eyes on Cincinnati blog, learn more about optometry and eyewear news in our blog. See our latest diagnostic equipment like our LLLT and IPL for Dry. Learn about our latest discovery glasses and sunglasses brands.

Vuity Eye Drops For Blurry Near Vision in Adults

Recently the FDA has approved Vuity eye drops to help presbyopic patients to temporarily see up close without glasses. Vuity bills itself as the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat blurry near vision in adults. The doctors at Madeira Optical have met with the local Cincinnati Vuity team and have Vuity samples. Some of our doctors and staff with blurry near vision have tried the Vuity drops.

Welcome Camargo Optics

Camargo Optics features light titanium and acetates that are manufactured in Japan and Germany by top craftspeople who make some of the worlds most beautiful independent eyewear.

Top Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy

The eyes are vital organs as people rely on them to make sense of their surroundings. Taking care of your eyes will help improve overall health and prevent diseases that can cause vision loss. 

MODO Eyewear Returns

MODO was an early hit at Madeira Optical in the late 90's. We felt they drifted from styles that matched the subtle and sophisticated taste of our Cincinnati clientele. The new MODO collection will be added to ECO by MODO, our popular recycled frames with cool sunclips. MODO is a sophisticated, lightweight design with wearable an dfun colors that will be great for people looking for something timeless yet different.

New Discover Brand - Maho Shades

It all started on the shores of Maho Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands and now it has arrived in Cincinnati.

Nectar Sunglasses Add A Sweet Option

Nectar is in the business of enjoying life. We're about doing what you love, loving what you do, and daring to go where no one else will. The concept is simple: connect a diverse network of individuals with a common thread, to enjoy life more. Our goal is to spread the sweet life with our unique mix of advertising, personalities, athletes and products.

Common Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Allergies can affect more than your nose. They are more than the sniffles and can cause you to itch, tear, or swell. The usual suspects are pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. However, your immediate surroundings offer various allergens that can affect you.

Patient Experience Improvements

We're excited to continue working to make your exam experience easier and more efficient - and hopefully more enjoyable.

How Do You Protect Your Glasses When Playing Sports?

The inability to engage in your favorite sport for one reason or another can be frustrating. When the issue is your body, it may feel like you have no control. Vision can be a frustrating problem in sports if you wear eyeglasses. Sometimes they will slip and fall, break, or are just unsuitable for the activity.

Is it Seasonal Allergies or Dry Eye?

Spring is just around the corner, and while many people will be looking forward to more sunshine and warmer temperatures, plenty of others will also be dreading its arrival. This is because, for many people, spring also marks the onset of their seasonal allergies. However, it’s not just allergies that get worse during the spring months. Studies have also suggested that the number of dry eye cases also rises during the spring.

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