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At our Eyes on Cincinnati blog, learn more about optometry and eyewear news in our blog. See our latest diagnostic equipment like our LLLT and IPL for Dry. Learn about our latest discovery glasses and sunglasses brands.

How Often Do You Need a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam is a specialized series of exams that check for your viability to wear contacts. It differs from a comprehensive eye exam with tests that check for different visual abilities. When you get your first contact lenses, you may think you will not need another contact lens exam. However, your eye doctor will likely still recommend at least annual eye exams. They need to keep a constant eye on any changes in your eyes so they can update your prescription. 

8 Ways to Slow Myopia From Progressing

Myopia is becoming widespread among adults and children. It begins early on for most people. However, very few know how to manage it. The younger in age it presents itself, the faster it progresses. There is a need to slow down the progression of myopia to prevent loss of vision later in life.

What Happens if Binocular Vision Dysfunction Goes Untreated?

Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) is a condition characterized by the minor misalignment of the eyes. This misalignment causes difficulty for the eyes to naturally achieve the position required for single and clear images. With the misalignment, the eyes and ocular muscles must work harder to focus, causing a great deal of strain.

Your Kenwood Eye Care Alternative

We continue to be the premier local independent and eye doctor-owned choice for Kenwood Eyecare. Support local and get better eye care.

Calling ALLPOETS to Cincinnati

Last month our friends at Etnia Barcelona launched an exciting new line, ALLPOETS. The ALLPOETS eyewear collection embodies wearable shapes and exciting colors for wearers with youthful energy. Each ALLPOETS frame is handmade in Europe and for about the same price as trendy online glasses, you can get a beautful pair of bio and recyeled glasses made by craftspeople. 

Etnia Barcelona Brings Colorful Frames

The beautiful frames are fulll of subtle and bold colors reflective of the landscape of Spain. Each frame is hand made in Spain.

6 Reasons to Wear UV Protection Sunglasses

UV protection sunglasses provide a lot of benefits. Apart from looking cool and acting as a fashion statement, they are an essential part of everyday life to preserve your eye health. Read more to find reasons to wear them rain or shine 365 days a year.

Vuity Eye Drops For Blurry Near Vision in Adults

Recently the FDA has approved Vuity eye drops to help presbyopic patients to temporarily see up close without glasses. Vuity bills itself as the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat blurry near vision in adults. The doctors at Madeira Optical have met with the local Cincinnati Vuity team and have Vuity samples. Some of our doctors and staff with blurry near vision have tried the Vuity drops.

Welcome Camargo Optics

Camargo Optics features light titanium and acetates that are manufactured in Japan and Germany by top craftspeople who make some of the worlds most beautiful independent eyewear.

Top Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy

The eyes are vital organs as people rely on them to make sense of their surroundings. Taking care of your eyes will help improve overall health and prevent diseases that can cause vision loss. 

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