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Statement From Our Doctor

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We firmly believe in local, community-based eye care. That's why we searched for many years before acquiring Madeira Optical from Dr. Larry Spitz in 2002. Starting in 1956, Dr. Spitz had built an Optometry practice from the ground up and in his 46 years, saw multiple generations of the same family grow, go to college, get married and get their fist pair of glasses.

Madeira and the surrounding area was important to us because of the true family focus and sense of community. We loved it so much, we moved here and raise our kids here. Madeira, Montgomery, Kenwood, Madisonville, Mariemont, Milford, Deer Park, Terrace Park...we could go on. Each of these communities is rooted in a sense of time and place not found in the beautiful new communities that ring the outer belt.

We are blessed to have Kenwood right next door. Everything you could ever want is in or close to the Kenwood Mall. There are so many corporate eye care businesses where you can get an eye exam in Kenwood. They have prominent Kenwood addresses and marketing that way more slick than this this blog! We simply offer something different.

Cincinnatians are enclave-based. People from Montgomery tend to stay in Montgomery or Kenwood for shopping and dining options. Same for Madeira, Mariemont and so on. We are very lucky to be so close to the Kenwood Towne Center and yet easy to find in the age of the GPS. We don't have the mall traffic, congested parking or long walks to the front door.

The Cincinnati eye care landscape is changing. Some long-time local eye care chains were recently purchased by large corporations. Thoma & Sutton is now Clarkson Eyecare and Wing Eyecare was purchased by MyEyeDr. Apex Eye merged & moved out of Madeira. Some people prefer corporate eye care, and that's great too. If you prefer to visit a local eye dr., we will coordinate the transfer of your records to our independent and doctor-owned Optometry office.

As corporations buy or merge, we have more Optometrists moving in and out of our area, but fewer family eye care centers. We are fortunate to have slowly extended our optometry practice from Madeira, Indian Hill and Madisonville to families in Kenwood and Montgomery, and then Milford, Mariemont and Terrace Park and beyond.

We are not just local, we are also patient-focused. Local might sound less advanced, but the opposite is true. The mission of a corporation is profit. Our mission is high quality family eye care. We continually invest in the best diagnostic equipment, software and tools to maintain state-of-the art eye care. (We have a great optical shop too).

You can find us just minutes from the Kenwood Rd. and Montgomery Rd. exits on I-71. While visiting us, check out all of amazing local shops and restaurants in our beautiful little downtown and support our local businesses.

​Thank you so much to all of the local Cincinnati people and families who choose us for your eye care. You have made our dreams come true. We work hard every day to live up to the trust you put in us.

Dr. Malinda Pence
Optometrist | Owner | Resident | Parent